Dorf-Karaoke Vol. 2

Invitation to Dorf-Karaoke Vol. 2

After so many people enjoyed participating and singing on our last karaoke event, we are happy to announce vol. 2! Let’s hear your great voices again:

The fantastic DORF-KARAOKE NIGHT Vol. 2
Wed., 12.07., 20:00
Village Hall, Gutenbergstr. 32

Get out there to show your talent, sing those songs your neighbour learned to love through you and show others what it takes! Or just hang out with your friends, flatmates and fellow villagers who love listening to music just as you do with (limited) free drinks for villagers or simply bring your own drinks (except hard liquor). 

We are looking forward to having another great evening with you all! 

Best regards,
Markus and Wong Tsz
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